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Not just a website under construction

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One of my goals for 2011 is to finish the revamp on the Invites by Jen website.  Had I just gone ahead and completed the new website design with only the elements from the old website, I would be done.  However, as you can see from my list of goals for the year, I plan on adding many new products and designs.

So, I decided to create my website with these new products in mind.  Even though this means my website will be “under construction” for a while, you will at least continue to see previews and glimpses of wonderful things to come!

For instance, the new lines were just introduced on the website:


On this page you can read the description of all the lines that will *eventually* be offered.  The plan is to have a scrolling sideshow for each line (such as was done with the Classic Line).

Once you click on the button to your preferred invite line (for instance, if you clicked on “Classic Line”), you will see the different designs I have to offer:


You will then be able to click on your preferred design to read more about it:


At the bottom of the page for each design will be a scrolling slideshow that shows different ways other clients have customized that particular design:


Also added today is the ability to request a sample of some of the designs shown on the website!


Other exciting news is that this week I started working with Marie of MCM Portraits out of Allenton, Wisconsin.  She will be photographing my invites so that I can provide you with a beautiful look at your future invitation set.